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Thursday, 15 October 2015

TAG: Girl Confessions

I everyone! I thought it would be funny to do a tag today. This time it is the Girl Confessions tag. I came across this tag on Facebook. Feel free to copy and share on your own social media accounts! 

So I added this picture of me. Because I am a girl and I want to show you all who I am. I am 18 (almost 19) years old and have been searching who I am for a long time. It is hard to find what you want to do in life. 

I discovered that I want to Travel, for me, travel is some kind of freedom. You learn about different countries, people and cultures but most importantly, you learn about yourself. 

Right now I am studying International Tourism Management in Amsterdam. 

Because of this a couple of things will change in the future. I will be blogging more about travel than beauty. I will blog about my Internship in May and I will show and tell you about some things I learn at school.! I hope you can appreciate this. Off course beauty will still exist on this blog because I still love make-up and everything around that. 

So now let's continue to the tag! It is a funny non formal tag about everything and nothing. Just enjoy the questions!

1. Do you sleep in your bra? 
- No I never sleep in my bra. My bra is uncomfortable. 
2. Do you like noodles? 
- I did like them a couple of years ago. I ate them too much. Now I don't like them as much as I used to like them. 
3. Do you enjoy drama?
- I hate drama in real life. I am a very blunt and honest person. I say what I think to avoid any drama. But in movies I love drama! 
4. Are you a girly girl? 
- Yes and No. I am a girly girl because I love beauty. I love doing my hair and shop for make-up and clothes. On the other hand I love beautiful, nice, big and expensive cars!
5. Small or large purses?
- Both! For school I love by large bag! Everything fits. For a party or something more formal I love small handbags or even clutches. They are so fashionable and handy!
7. Are you short?
- No, I am 1,78 M Which is quite long I guess.
8. Do you like somebody? 
- I like a lot of people.
9. Do you care if your socks are dirty? 
- Depends.
10. Do you like Halloween?
- I do like halloween. The downside is that here in the Netherlands we do not celebrate halloween at all. So it is not a tradition here.
11. Favorite time of the year? 
- I really love fall and spring. I also love christmas time!
12. Where is the weirdest place you have slept? 
- I think in a army tent in the ardennes. ( Not very weird or exited I know!)
13. Is there any type of rumor going around about you?
- I just started at a new school, so it is not that much here. On my last school, my high school there were a couple of rumors going around. The first one is that I am very, very Strong. Second one: I can be very, very mean. ( Both are true though ;)
14. Do you call anybody by their last name?
- Nope 

Oh no! This part is honesty! Are you ready? 
1. What color is the bra that you're wearing?
- Right now it is a dark purple bra I am wearing.
2. Do you prefer light or dark haired guys?
- Dark hair! Definitely.
3. Are you currently frustrated with a boy?
- Kind of.
4. Do you have a best friend?
- I have 2 :D
5. Have you ever had your heart broken?
- Not really broken.
6. Have you ever thought of having plastic surgery?
- Yes I did thought about it.
7. Do you like your life?
- I do like my life. I have nice friends, a nice family, a good education. On the other hand there are so many things I would love to do and change in my life.
8. Have you ever jumped in the pool with your clothes on?
- Yep.
9. Do you have more friends that are girls or boys?
- Mostly girls. But I do have some boy friends too!
10. How long have you had a Facebook?
- Since 2009 I guess.
11. Have you ever slapped a boy in the face?
- Yes i did.
12. What are your biggest fears?
- Spiders ( ! ). Losing a loved one.
13. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
- Luckily not!
14. Have you ever not been able to get someone off of your mind?
- Yep.
15. Do you believe in the saying “once a cheater, always a cheater"?
- Yes I do believe that.
16. Have you ever had a good feeling about something?
- Yes!
17. Do you ever wish you were famous?
- Sometimes I think it would be a lot of fun! But on the other side I am afraid it will be awful!
18. Are you currently missing someone?
- Yes
19: Who are you texting right now?
- My friends :D

Preference. I am afraid I can't choose!
01. Eyeliner or Mascara?
- Mascara. Without mascara Eyeliner looks horrible.
02. Pink or black?
- Oh damn, this is soon hard. I love them both. But I go for black. Because you can't go wrong with black right? 
03. Pumps or flats
- Because I am pretty tall I prefer flats. But oh man I love, love, love, high heels! 
04. Skirts or pants? 
- Both
05. Socks or leggings? 
- Socks!
06. Hoodies or jackets?
- Jackets. I am not really a hoodie person. 
07. Heels or sneakers?
- Again, I love them both. One of my biggest dreams is to have a walk in closet with one side filled with heels and the other side filled with sneakers. 
08. Straight or curly?
- Both again. 
09. White or black?
- Black! 
10. Smoothies or lattes? 
- Lattes!
11. Diet or regular sodas?
- No soda, just water. 
12. Water or daiquiris?
- Water
13. Pearls or diamonds?
- Diamonds!
14. Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen?
- Neither
15. iPod or cell phone?
- Iphone duh! 
16. Friends or family?
- Friends, because the most important family members ( Father and Mother) are my friends. 
17. Lip gloss or lip stick?
- Lip stick! 
18. Manicure or pedicures?
- Manicures
19. Tank tops or bathers?
- Tank tops. 
20. Big sunglasses or small?
- Big. 
21. Sunglasses or purses?
- Purses. 

Now the last one. What do you prefer in a partner. ( for me this is a boy. But for some it might differ ;) 
Funny or Serious?
- Definitely funny!
Romantic or Daredevil?
- Oh both! With romance you get me but I can not live with someone who is scared of everything and does not dares to take risks.
Dark Eyes or Light Eyes?
- Dark or green.
Long Hair or Short Hair?
- Depends
Curly Hair or Straight Hair?
- Both! But curly hair is super cute. 

Monday, 8 June 2015

MAC Wash & Dry collectie 2015

Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow Trio  28,00
Green Clean
Warm Wash
Permanent Press

Powder Blush  24,00
Hipness light
Crisp Whites

High-Light Powder 33,00
Freshen Up

Studio Nail LacqUER 12,00

                                      Monday Blues               &                  Washeteria

Lipstick 21,00

  • Morange 
  • Cream Nude
  • Steam Heat
  • Tumble Dry

Lipglass 20,00

  • Girl On Board
  • Laundry List
  • Hot / Cold
  • Domestic Diva

Technakohl Liner 18,00

  • Practice Makes Perfect
  • Sudsy
  • Colour Matters
  • Coin Operated

False Lashes Waterproof Stay Black! 23,00

Fluidline Brow Gelcreme 18,50
  • Deep Dark Brunette
  • Dirty Blonde
  • Redhead
  • Ash Blonde
  • True Brunette 
Eye Brows 16,00
  • Tapered
  • Accentuated
  • Delineated
  • Stylized

Brow Set Clear  16,00

Studio Sculpt Defining Bronzing Powder 33,00
  • Golden Rinse
  • Delicates

Bronzing Powder 28,50
  • Refined Golden
  • Matte Bronze

Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set  16,00
  • Emphatically Blonde
  • Toasted Blonde
  • Bold Brunette
  • Brown Ebony
  • Red Chestnut
  • Quiet Brunette

  • 125 Split Fibre Dense Face Brush € 41,00
  • 126 Split Fibre Large Face Brush € 52,00

Wash & Dry Makeup Bag Only Avaliable Online 28,00

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Guerlain Terracotta Summer Collection 2015

Guerlain Terracotta Summer 2015 collection
A couple of months ago I got opsessed with bronzers. I am searching for the perfect one that matches my own skintone. Untill now i haven't found a bronzer. Hopefully will this terracotta collection help in my search for the perfect bronzer.  

Terracotta Bronzing powder moisturising and long lasting 51,00

02 Naturel/Natural Blondes
03 Naturel/Natural Brunettes
Terracotta Sun protection compact foundation SPF 20 water resistant  59,00

Sun Moisturiser Tan Booster  42,50

Rouge Automatique 37,50

603 Yellow it-stick               &               662 Fluo Stilleto

Summer Shadow  31,00
Blue Ocean & White Sand

Colour Lacquer 25,00
700 Blue Ocean

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Favorite Pictures 2014

2014 is officially over, 2015 had come. As some of you may know, I am pretty active on a social media site called we Heart it. A site where you can share and like ( Heart ) pictures. I love this site and also post pictures my self on there. I thought it might be nice to share some of my most hearted pictures. These are all pictures I found and shared on that site. I have almost 400 followers on there which is amazing and unbelievable. 

So here we go, my most hearted pictured of 2014! 

Let's start with the least hearted one, this picture got 461 hearts. 

Spike lita's

This picture got 477 Hearts

This picture got 576 hearts

This one got 579 Hearts
Let them..

This one got 585 hearts.

Need this!

This one got 792 Hearts
Lita shoes <3

This one got 874 Hearts

This one got 986 hearts
One month to go
This one got 1005 Hearts
Never forget 9/11

This one got 1284 hearts
I'm one of them

This one got 1558 hearts

This one got 1582 hearts. 
Right now..

This were the pictures that were hearted the most by my dear followers. Maybe those followers mean the most to me. Everyone always says that if you want to know them for real you should check their We heart it account, and i think they are right ( most of the time ). Feel free to visit my we heart it page : If you want you can follow me on there and i will try and follow you back! 

Also don't forget to follow me on:
twitter: @Arendaaxx
Instagram: Arendaaxx Arenda96
Tumblr: arendaxx

Love you lots.. xx